You could say we take your job as seriously as our own

We don't build macerators to chop up pulp. We build macerators so you have a reliable tool to help you control the spread of infection.

Macerators that meet the demands of the NHS

We understand the pressures you face.

You’re working to prevent and control the spread of HAIs.

You’re managing budgets that are tight – and may be getting tighter.

And of course, you’re helping frontline staff provide the best possible quality of care.

We’re with you every step of the way

As you know, it’s well-established that macerating pulp can be an effective part of any hospital’s strategy to control rates of HAIs. All macerators help you do this. Up to a point.

Because every time a macerator breaks down, the risk of an infection spreading goes up. So key to a macerator’s effectiveness is its reliability.

Haigh’s pulp macerators are the most reliable you can buy.

The most reliable machines give you greater infection control – and improved continuity of care

Our machines break down less than those of our competitors. In fact, with one of our service contracts (and as long as your staff treat them properly) they may never break down at all.

As nurses and other healthcare staff have a primary duty to avoid or minimise the risk of transmitting infection, it’s essential they have macerators they can rely on.

This reliability also means your team will spend less time dealing with unhappy nurses and grappling with a faulty machine.

The longest working life gives you the best value for money

Our machines also last longer than those of our competitors. On average, a minimum of five years longer. So although you’ll pay a little more for them in the first place, over their lifetime they’ll actually cost you less.

The cleverest machines leave you with nothing

In our machines, pulp is released gradually through tiny slots throughout its cycle stopping large particles going into the drain. During the optimum moment, extra water is diverted from the drum to flush the drain outlet to keep it flowing freely.

We call this unique action 'Premium Flow' and is a fundamental part of the reliable performance that our customers demand to ensure nothing is left in the macerator at the end of the cycle.

Why hands-free options are a risk - at least for now

You’ve probably noticed other companies offer a hands-free option. And we don’t. Let us explain why.

Right now, hands-free machines are less reliable. They break down more often. And they’re vulnerable to power failures. What do you do with the waste if you can’t open the lid?

All this means less control over your infection rates.

However, we do understand why a hands-free option could be a good thing. So we’re working on it. And once we’re sure you can have hands-free machines that are as reliable as ours are now, you’ll be the first to know.